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05 October 2011
DTS Joins VNPT-HCMC to Launch Integrated Cloud ERP Services in Vietnam
DTS Communication Technologies Corporation and DBCLIC Limited today announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with VNPT Ho Chi Minh City to jointly launch integrated cloud-based ERP Services in Vietnam.
VNPT-HCMC is the wholly-owned operating arm of Vietnam Post and Telecom Group, the premier IT and Telecommunications provider in Vietnam. DTS is the leading System Integrator in Vietnam. dbCLIC is a key Business Process Collaboration Software-As-A-Service provider in Hong Kong.
Under this partnership, DTS will support VNPT-HCMC to deploy MegaERP, a complete and integrated cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning solution that is built upon and powered by the technology developed by dbCLIC, to Small and Medium Enterprises based in Ho Chi Minh City. DTS, as the appointed strategic partner of dbCLIC in Vietnam, will continue to facilitate technology and knowledge transfer of the business solution to VNPT-HCMC and establish the MegaERP Center of Excellence to promote cloud based applications and organizational collaborations best practices.
MegaERP, will be marketed as an SaaS bundled with the MegaVNN lines of products. For a nominal monthly fee based on a highly affordable pay-as-you-go model, businesses can now have access to the capabilities of a fully functional and integrated ERP solution. This will enable organizations in Vietnam to harness cloud technologies to accelerate performance with minimal IT investment and deployment risks.
Mr. Pham Duc Long, Vice President of VNPT-HCMC said, “Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s economic and business hub and there are more than two hundred thousand SMEs operating out of HCMC. As they gain traction in the global markets, VNPT-HCMC is committed to support their fast development by deploying innovative cloud enabled solution like MegaERP to reduce costs and improve operating efficiency.
Mr. Vuong Manh Son, Chairman and General Director of DTS said, “We are excited about MegaERP and how it can support positive business transformations in Vietnam. dbCLIC has extensive experiences providing cloud based business solutions for enterprises with significant operations in Hong Kong and globally and DTS is localizing and sharing these experiences for the benefit of Vietnamese enterprises.
Mr. John Tsui, Chief Operating Officer of dbCLIC said, “Vietnam has so many talented and hardworking entrepreneurs and with the highly affordable MegaERP service, SMEs can now have the same cutting edge tools to drive business performance like the largest multi-national conglomerates.”
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